Custom Glass Table Tops

conference top

Plate Glass

Choose from a variety of shades, patterns, and thicknesses. Plate glass can be used in most windows, as a table top, in cabinet doors, in picture frames, and so much more. Ask about beveling and/or edgework.

Glass Patterns*


Available in 3/16″ in both annealed and tempered.

Available tints and/or UV protection:

privacyBronze Tint

Available in 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ in annealed, tempered, and laminated.


We also carry Low Emittance (Low E) glass in a variety of thicknesses. Radiant heat originating from indoors is reflected back inside, thus keeping heat inside in the winter, and infrared radiation from the sun is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside in the summer.

**Available in 1/8″, 3/16″, and 1/4″ in both annealed and tempered.**



We can also simply ground or seam edges.

We can create beautiful table tops to compliment any piece of flat topped piece of furniture. For patio furniture, we can fabricate a table top with up to a 2″ hole in the center. Radius and clipped corners available.

*****We do pattern cuts*****

**Bent glass available.**

                       Tempered or Annealed Glass, we are here for your all needs!

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