The Original Julius Lips Doors And Glass Company is a proud distributor and installation specialist of Screenshot-2014-10-29-12.30.15US Retractable Screen™ Systems in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Gretna, . US Retractable Screen Systems is the leading solution for creating insect free natural ventilation for the home that works on almost any style of swinging or sliding doors. They are there when you need them
and stow away out of sight when you don’t. US Retractable Screen Systems has reinvented the concept of the retractable screen making it safer, more functional & versatile, while pleasing to the eye. All US Retractable Screen™ Systems are “Pet Friendly” and are Proudly made in the USA!

Anti-Slam : Other models that don’t have a retraction device of some kind, have pull bars that accelerate into their housings when they close. A child’s fingers in the wrong place at the wrong time could easily be bruised by an accelerating retractable screen.

Virtually anywhere you find a conventional screen door you can install a US Retractable Screen System. US Retractable Screen Systems are so unobtrusive in its design that they can be mounted on the interior as well as the exterior of your home and still

Standard featuresRetractable-Screen-2

  • Eleven standard colors
  • Pull bar caps ribbed for reinforcement
  • Housing caps and handle have color-matched plugs
  • All fasteners are made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Easy-push handle for effortless operation
  • Glide rails are engineered for smooth opening and closing
  • All nylon parts are UV radiation protected
  • Housing end caps are sealed to protect internal mechanisms
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts (excluding screen mesh) 

Optional features

  • “No Slam” gear driven, speed-reducer technology
  • Stainable wood grain veneers
  • Claw-proof pet mesh screens
  • Solar mesh for use as retractable sun screens
  • “No-see-um” tiny insect weave
  • Retractable-Screen-1Custom color matching
  • French door kits
  • Security locks and door restrictors
  • Over-height and over-width sizes available
  • Anodized, gold and bronze sill adapters
  • Window screens in many sizes and colors
  • Flush mount handles
  • Back plate options for select applications 


  • Fits virtually any opening, including single or double entry doors, patio doors and sliding doors, French doors or garage doors
  • Retractable screens for boats and RVs too
  • Superior design and precision manufacturing standards
  • Durability far exceeds conventional screens
  • Protection against disease-bearing and other insects
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Retractable-Single-Screen-4Safely and silently vanishes from sight when not in use
  • Maximum visibility and ventilation
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts (excluding screen mesh)
  • Standard and solar-mesh screen
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Stays in place year-round

Retractable Information

Our aluminum frames and screen fiber come in many different color options.  We can fabricate a new screen or rescreen an existing one.  For large screens, cross bars are available as well as diamonds to offer support for the frame.  Aluminum frames are available in clear (silver), bronze, or white.  The screen fibers come in clear aluminum or black or gray fiber.

         We can help save on your energy cost during those hot summer months with solar screen.  Controlling the radiant heat from the sun is extremely important to energy conservation.  Solar screen blocks out the heat yet allows the cool breeze indoors.  These screens are capable of blocking out up to 70% of the sun’s glare and heat before it reaches the glass.  The savings in energy costs alone will usually pay for the installation in just a few short years.  Solar screen frames are available in both bronze and clear aluminum.