img01-300x260We offer a variety of heat-resistant glass for use in wood stove or fireplace inserts, medical equipment, commercial lighting, photovoltaics, home appliances, optics, and electronics. For your convenience we offer FireLite, Neoceram, BOROFLOAT®, Pyroceram, and PYREX®.


Neoceram is ideal for use in high efficiency heating appliances, with almost 3 times the heat resistance for wood stoves and fireplace doors. Neoceram can withstand continuous temperatures up to 1292° F. It is also thermal shock resistant and has a slight amber tint. Available in 3/16″.


Pyroceram is a transparent ceramic product used in applications requiring high heat resistance and thermal shock resistance. Like Neoceram, Pyroeram is available in 3/16″, has an amber tint, and has some distortion, which is inherent to most schott_1205961_400-300x200ceramic products. Pyroceram is ideal for high temperature vision windows, ovens and broilers, light fixtures, and electronics.


BOROFLOAT® borosilicate is a transparent near colorless glass. It’s excellent transmission and its very weak fluorescence intensities over the entire light spectrum make BOROFLOAT® ideal for a wide range of applications in optics, optoelectronics, photonics, and analytical equipment. It is high heat resistant and has high thermal shock resistance. It has a low thermal coefficient of expansion and its coefficient matches that of silicone (anodic bonding). BOROFLOAT® has low fluorescence, high UV-transmission, high chemical resistance against acids, bases and organic substances, low alkali content in the glass composition, and also low specific weight. Available in 1/8″ and 7/32″. Applications for 0-300x225BOROFLOAT® are as follows:

Home Appliances (interior oven doors, fittings in microwave appliances)

Environmental engineering, chemical industry (resistant linings and sight)

Lighting (protective panels for spotlights and high-power floodlights)

Photovoltaics (glass for solar collectors)

Precision engineering, optics (optical filters and mirrors etc.)

Medical technology, biotechnology (slides, biochips, titration plates, DNA sequencers, micro-fluidic systems)

Semiconductor engineering, electronics, sensors (wafers, display glass)


PYREX® is a borosilicate glass made by Corning. It has excellent thermal properties, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion allowing for good heat shock resistance needed for high operating temperatures. PYREX® can be ground, polished, and coated. Applications include substrate for dielectric coatings, sensor substrates, heat shields, neutron absorbers, high temperature applications, and harsh environments. Available in 1/8″ and 7/32″.


The FireLite Family of Products continues to be the most commonly specified and trusted fire-rated glazing in north America. Clear and wireless, FireLite features fire ratings from 20 minutes to 3 hours with a variety of impact safety ratings. FireLite is available in premium polished and standard grades. FireLite is UL listed.